HERO Board of Directors

The HERO Board of Directors is comprised of the three HERU operational officers and four HERO body officers.

Captain Chris Wend 

Chris is a Senior, Neuroscience major from Doylestown, Pennsylvania who started in EMS during his junior year of high school at the age of 16. Shortly after becoming an EMT, Chris joined his local Volunteer Fire Company and currently, during the school year, he volunteers as a Firefighter/EMT in Montgomery County, Maryland. Outside of HERO at JHU, he is involved in neuropathology research at the medical campus, works at the Digital Media Center and is an Organic Chemistry Lab TA. Chris joined HERO during his Freshman year, and in 2016 he served the unit as the Equipment Lieutenant (the position now known as the Equipment Officer).

Email: hero_captain@jhu.edu

Personnel Officer Rachel Vazquez 

Rachel is a senior molecular and cellular biology major from Chappaqua, NY. Rachel became an EMT-B in New York in 2015 and joined HERO in her sophomore year at Hopkins, where she became an EMT-B in Maryland. Rachel began volunteering in EMS in 2012. Rachel is also a student athletic trainer and is a part of Phi Mu.

Email: hero_personnel@jhu.edu

Equipment Officer Leyla Herbst

Leyla was born in Palo Alto, CA and moved to Potomac, MD when she was 10. She currently majoring in Neuroscience and expects to graduate in 2019. Leyla is also involved in starting a Special Olympics club on campus as well as tutoring children with special abilities. She also firmly believes that it is possible to be both a cat and a dog person as she loves her cat back home and can't pass by a dog without petting it In her junior year of high school, Leyla joined her local volunteer fire department and got her MD EMT certification that spring. At Hopkins, Leyla joined HERO in the fall of her freshman year.

Email: hero_equipment@jhu.edu

Recruitment and Retention Officer Gabrielle Allred

Gabrielle is a Senior from Leesburg, VA majoring in Biomedical Engineering focusing in cell and tissue engineering. She joind HERO in the fall of her freshman year and obtained her MD EMT-B the following spring. Gabrielle is also part of Johns Hopkins Outdoor Pursuits as a rock climbing instructor and is a Wilderness EMT.

Email: hero_rr@jhu.edu


Training Officer David Lumelsky

David Lumelsky is an EMT-B. He is a Senior Molecular and Cellular Biology major from New York. David is also involved in the Blue Key Society, the Student Health Advisory Committee, and is a medical scribe at the Johns Hopkins Emergency Department. He joind HERO in the fall of his junior year and obtained his MD EMT-B the following spring.

Email: hero_training@jhu.edu

Secretary Luke Bonanni

Luke is a Junior Molecular and Cellular Biology major from Cherry Hill, NJ. He joind HERO in the fall of his freshman year and obtained his MD EMT-B the following spring. Luke obtained his Wilderness EMT certification in the winter of his sophomore year. Luke is also an organizer for the Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project, and is involved in the Student Ambassador Board of the Center for Social Concern, Thread. He also conducts sensory biology research at the Hopkins medical campus. He is currently an RA for Wolman Hall.

Email: hero_secretary@jhu.edu

Treasurer Harsh Wadhwa

Harsh is a Junior Molecular and Cellular Biology major from San Ramon, CA. He joind HERO in the fall of his freshman year and obtained his MD EMT-B the following spring. He is also a PILOT Leader and a mentor for Charm City Science League at Barclay Elementary/Middle School. On the weekends, he volunteers in the emergency department at Mercy Medical Center.

Email: hero_treasurer@jhu.edu

Member at Large Justin Lopez

Justin is a Senior Behavioral Biology major from Santa Ana, CA. He joined HERO the fall of his freshman year and obtained his EMT-B certification the following spring. On campus he is involved in the AED premedical honor society, is a member of the Notes of Ranvier a cappella group, serves as a mentor in the JUMP program and is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Email: hero_atlarge@jhu.edu


Medical Direction:
Nathan Woltman, M.D. & Asa Margolis, D.O., M.P.H.

Operational Oversight:
Executive Director of Campus Safety & Security - Lee James

HERU/Security Liaison:
Sgt. Steve Gaubatz