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Warning: The HERU protocols and procedures are provided for reference only, and do not constitute medical advice. They are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. In the case of a medical emergency, please contact HERU at 410-516-7777 or use one of the emergency phones (Blue Lights) placed around campus.


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Uniform Components:

HERU prides itself on its professionalism, and much of this goes towards how we present ourselves to the campus and our patients. HERU's uniform is designed to be both professional and practical for medical emergencies. During shifts, you are required to wear the uniform top and EMT/work pants. During an overnight shift, you may wear the HERO unit t-shirt, but please change into pants (not sweatpants) when responding for your safety.

Required: All members will be supplied a uniform shirt. Please contact Equipment Officer at if you need a new one. Either EMT pants or work pants are also required. All pants should be blue or black. EMT pants are highly recommended due to liquid and blood-borne pathogen protection.

Optional apparel that may be worn while on duty:
HERU Jacket and HERU Workshirt

Optional apparel that may be worn during Lifeline Con-Eds:
HERU Scrubs

When ordering scrubs, be sure to select the following options:
Color: True Royal Blue
Left Chest, Line 1: Hopkins Emergency
Left Chest, Line 2: Response Unit
Right Chest: (your name)
Font Style: Block Style
Letter Height: 1/2 inch

For sizing, it helps to contact current HERO members for information.

We encourage you to wear your HERO apparel with pride! But please remember, we are a professional unit. Please do not wear HERO apparel while doing anything you would not be proud of.