Appreciate Our Services and Want To Support Us?

As members of the Hopkins Emergency Response Organization, we are fully dedicated in our efforts to provide consistent, high quality, and compassionate EMS care, free of charge. None of the members in our student-run organization receive any kind of financial compensation for the hours of service that they happily and passionately provide. However, it takes a certain amount of financial resources to support a professional 24/7 all-volunteer service. Any and all financial support are greatly appreciated. All donations go directly to purchasing EMS equipment and supplies. Whether it is for cravats or epinephrine pens or cervical collars, your financial support goes a long way in ensuring that our organization continues to provide essential EMS services to the Johns Hopkins University community. Thank you for your consideration.

Donation Details

All of our donations are processed through official JHU channels. Please click here to donate. Please indicate the following to make sure we receive the donation.

Additionally, we ask that you please email our Treasurer at so that we can monitor the donation. We would be happy to include your name onto the website to thank you for supporting us.

On behalf of everyone on the unit, thank you for your support!