Recruitment Information

HERO is currently accepting applications from prior EMTs!

Applications are open for prior EMTs!

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1. Average cost of joining?

$500 for class, $115-200 for uniform ($50-100 boots, $50-80 pants, $15-20 belt)

2. What characteristics do you look for in a non-EMT applicant?

HERO does not expect non-EMT applicants to have any prior EMS knowledge when applying. Instead, we will be assessing applicants on several traits, including decision making skills, communication, professionalism, and interpersonal skills.

3. What characteristics do you look for in a prior EMT applicant?

Prior EMT applicants will be assessed on the same criteria noted above for non-EMT applicants. In addition, prior EMT applicants’ experience and knowledge in the EMS field will be taken into consideration during the selections process.

4. I’m not sure if I should apply to HERO as a non-EMT or as a prior EMT. What should I do?

If you are currently taking an EMT class during the application cycle, have taken an EMT class without receiving a certification, or are otherwise confused about which application you should fill out, please email the Recruitment and Retention Officer at

5. Does HERO offer financial aid to offset the cost of joining?

The EMT course offered by HERO currently costs $1000, $500 of which is automatically subsidized by HERO for all members taking the EMT course. There is also a financial aid application for the remaining $500 cost for the EMT course available to those who can demonstrate financial need. The application process for HERO is entirely need-blind, and any applicants concerned about affording the costs associated with joining HERO should not be dissuaded from applying.

6. I’m currently a junior/senior. Can I still apply to HERO?

HERO recruits new members with the expectation that they will run on the unit for a minimum of two semesters. By the time upperclassmen applicants are on-boarded and fully trained in HERO operations, there is often a struggle to meet that requirement. As such, we are currently not accepting junior or senior applicants. If you are interested in receiving information about other local EMS stations that you could run with, feel free to email the Recruitment and Retention Officer at

7. Are graduate students/employees allowed to apply to HERO

HERO is entirely staffed and run by undergraduate students, so we are not accepting graduate student or employee applications at this time.

8. I’ve heard that it is easier to get in to HERO as a prior EMT applicant compared to a non-EMT applicant. Should I take an EMT course before applying to HERO?

HERO does not recommend that potential applicants take an EMT course for the sole purpose of applying to HERO. The prior EMT cycle focuses heavily on applicant’s experience in the EMS field. Applying as a prior EMT with no experience could hurt your application, as you may be compared to applicants with years of experience.

9. When does the course for accepted new EMTs take place?

Following Fall recruitment, new EMTs are expected to attend the EMT course offered by HERO over Intersession. The course typically takes place over the span of three weeks, with in-person learning days Monday through Saturday. During the course, members are not allowed to take Intersession courses or have other engagements which may interfere with the EMT course.