Board of Directors

Meet the administrative and operational heart of HERO


The HERO Board of Directors is comprised of the three operational officers, the captain, personnel officer, and equipment officer, and four administrative officers. Together, the Board of Directors works to maintain the integrity of HERO's policy decisions, mission, and vision.

Meet the Board

Captain Caroline Hoerrner Email

Caroline is a senior Computer Science major from Chatham, New Jersey. She first became involved in EMS when she became an EMT for Chatham Emergency Squad in the summer after her sophomore year of high school. Caroline joined HERO in the fall of her freshman year, and when she’s not on duty she enjoys spending time with her brothers in Theta Tau. If you see her on campus, ask her about her cat, Rosie.

Personnel Officer Jonathan Movsik Email

Jon is a senior from Morganville, NJ double majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Economics. His EMS career began when he joined his town's first aid squad after his sophomore year of high school. He joined HERO during the fall of his freshman year and previously served as the organization's Secretary and Member at Large. Outside of HERO, Jon conducts molecular biology research and volunteers for Thread.

Equipment Officer Jared Doan Email

Jared is a junior Molecular and Cellular Biology major and Visual Arts minor from sunny San Diego. He joined HERO and earned his EMT as a freshman and quickly fell in love with the unit and EMS. Outside of HERO, he is an avid photographer and rock climber, and he conducts cardiology research at the med campus and is a youth tutor for Youth Library Tutorial. He also loves music and movies and will talk endlessly about either.

Recruitment and Retention Officer Dominick Rich Email

Dominick is a senior from Long Island, NY, who studies Neuroscience. He joined HERO during his sophomore year and previously served on the Selections Committee. Dominick spends a lot of time doing research in a lab focusing on neurodegenerative diseases, and in his free time enjoys beating his friends at Catan (and various other games).

Training Officer Erik Pan Email

Erik is a junior from Annandale, NJ studying Public Health and Psychology. He has been a part of his town’s first aid and rescue squad for 3 years, and joined HERO freshman year. Outside of HERO, Erik is a whitewater kayaking instructor with Outdoor Pursuits and a member of JHUMUNC.

Secretary Maggie Li Email

Maggie is a junior from the Chicago area majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She joined HERO and took the EMT class as a freshman. She has expanded her involvement in EMS by working for the Baltimore City Fire Department and joining the Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Company. When she's not in her EMT uniform, you can find her leading canoe trips with Outdoor Pursuits, on the medical campus doing research, in the design studio working with her design team, or in her kitchen trying new recipes.

Treasurer Andrew Massoud Email

Andrew is a senior majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and minoring in Computational Medicine. He joined HERO in the fall of his freshman year and became an EMT-B the following spring. Outside of HERO, he is a member of HOPthon and MEDPanel. Andrew enjoys watching Pittsburgh sports, playing basketball, and playing the piano in his free time.

Member At Large Leora Busse Email

Leora is a junior from Denver, CO majoring in molecular and cellular biology and minoring in psychology. She joined HERO as a freshman and has enjoyed every bit of her experience in it so far! Outside of HERO, Leo works in a microbial genomics lab and enjoys whitewater canoeing, backpacking, and climbing in Hopkins' Outdoors Club. Swimming and woodworking are two of her favorite hobbies.


Medical Direction

Nathan Woltman, M.D. & Asa Margolis, D.O., M.P.H.

Operational Oversight

Lee James, Executive Director of Campus Safety & Security

HERO Security Liason

Sgt. Steve Gaubatz