Board of Directors

Meet the administrative and operational heart of HERO


The HERO Board of Directors is comprised of the three operational officers, the captain, personnel officer, and equipment officer, and four administrative officers. Together, the Board of Directors works to maintain the integrity of HERO's policy decisions, mission, and vision.

Meet the Board

Captain Leyla Herbst Email

Leyla is a junior public health major from Potomac, Maryland who became an EMT-B in Montgomery County during her junior year of high school. She joined HERO the fall of her freshman year. She currently works in a Multiple Sclerosis lab at JHH and hopes to expand CPR education at Hopkins. In her free time, Leyla enjoys making candles, petting cats and dogs, making lists, and being outside.

Personnel Officer Luke Bonanni Email

Luke is a junior Molecular and Cellular Biology major from Cherry Hill, NJ. Luke joined HERO during his freshman year and subsequently became a Maryland EMT-B in 2016. Luke is also an organizer for the Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project, is an RA for Wolman Hall, is co-chair of the Student Ambassador Board for the CSC, volunteers in Thread, and performs sensory biology research at the medical campus. He can usually be found studying with his residents or hanging out with Jeremy and James at the Rec Center.

Equipment Officer Jeremy Harrison Email

Jeremy is a Junior from Seattle, Washington majoring in Medicine, Science and the Humanities. He joined HERO the fall of his Freshman year and became certified as a MD EMT the following Spring. Jeremy became certified as a Wilderness EMT the winter of his sophomore year. Jeremy is also a Chemistry Lab TA and conducts organic chemistry research with Lectka's group on Homewood campus.

Recruitment and Retention Officer James Yu Email

James is a Junior from Lexington, MA majoring in Biology and minoring in French. He joined HERO in the fall of his freshman year and obtained his EMT-B certification the following spring. Outside of HERO he is a tutor for JHU Jail Tutorial and the Tutorial Project. He is also involved in Asthma and Allergy research at the Bayview Medical Center and plays on the Men’s Club Volleyball team. Do not get too close to him if you have allergies to felines because he is the coolest cat around.

Training Officer Jianna Cressy Email

Jianna is a Junior, Neuroscience major from New York. Jianna is also involved in Health Leads and is a research assistant at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. She joined HERO in the fall of her sophomore year and obtained her MD EMT-b the following spring. Jianna's insta handle is jiannacressy.

Secretary Anna-Maria Hartner Email

Anna-Maria Hartner is a sophomore from Portland, Oregon majoring in environmental engineering. Anna-Maria joined HERO in the fall of her freshman year and subsequently became an EMT-B the following spring. Anna-Maria is also involved in Advocates for Baltimore Community Health and Cooking for Love. When she’s not doing neurogastroenterology research at JHH, she spends her free time beekeeping, hiking, and surfing.

Treasurer Zak Hyde Email

Zak is a junior Public Health major from Poughquag, NY. Zak took his EMT class at George Washington University in the spring of 2016 before transferring to Hopkins in the fall of 2016. Zak currently works with the Johns Hopkins Center for AIDS Research doing HIV and Hepatitis C testing and counseling in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Emergency Department. Outside of class, Zak is also a member of the JHU Club Basketball Team and Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. He also just got a wonderful cat from the Baltimore Humane Society and eats tons of kale for lunch and dinner everyday.

Member at Large Rawson Chase Email

Rawson is a Sophomore from Pasadena, California. He is currently double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Economics. Rawson began his EMS career when he joined the unit as a Freshman during his fall semester and obtained his Maryland EMT-B the following Spring. In addition to HERO Rawson volunteers for tutorial project and enjoys long distance running in his free time.


Medical Direction

Nathan Woltman, M.D. & Asa Margolis, D.O., M.P.H.

Operational Oversight

Executive Director of Campus Safety & Security - Lee James

HERO Security Liason

Sgt. Steve Gaubatz