HERO is a professional EMS Organization that operates on the Johns Hopkins Homewood
Campus with the support of Lifeline's Critical Care Team, Johns Hopkins Security, and
the Student Health and Wellness Center. As a 24/7 rapid response service, HERO provides
BLS level care on over 300 calls each year. HERO has approximately 50 active members,
each with at a least a Maryland EMT-B certification involving 200 hours of classroom learning
and over 100 training hours.

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Medical Emergency?

In case of a medical emergency, HERO can be reached by calling 410-516-7777, by using one of the emergency phones (blue lights) on campus, or by contacting the nearest Hopkins security personnel.

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CPR Classes

Looking to get CPR certified? HERO's new affiliation with Johns Hopkins Lifeline has allowed HERO members to become CPR instructors, so we now offer biweekly CPR classes! Whether you're interested in obtaining American Heart Association CPR/AED certification for yourself or your club, contact hero_cpr@jhu.edu for more information.

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Standby Requests

Need coverage for your event? HERO has successfully offered standby coverage at Hopkins affiliated events throughout the year, including Spring Fair, Young Alumni Events, and commencement. Please contact 
hero_standby@jhu.edu for standby requests.

Amnesty Policy

HERO is dedicated to ensuring full confidentiality and protection of medical information under the protocols of the Maryland Insitute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. In the same regard, the Johns Hopkins amnesty policy is designed to protect students who seek medical attention for themselves or others. To learn more, click here.

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